Esmeralda Herrera
Senior Program Manager, Communitas America (NY)


A first generation American, born and raised in the South Bronx, New York, Esmeralda Herrera is a graduate of Reed College, a recipient of the AIF Clinton Fellowship, Princeton in Asia fellowship, the Benjamin Gilman scholarship and Humanity in Action fellowship. Esmeralda has lived in India, China, Indonesia, and Amsterdam for international development work. 

Today Esmeralda works for Communitas America, a non-profit accelerator that builds impact ecosystems in under-resourced communities to support social entrepreneurs who want to create social impact in their communities. She leads the incubators that serves 15-20 social ventures per year, where she and Communitas teaches through a lean start-up curriculum, connects social entrepreneurs to mentors, and ultimately provides two ventures with 10K each.  

Esmeralda spends her time volunteering with numerous organizations by conducting and counseling people through HIV testing, conducting homeless youth advocacy, and tackling the education gap. Esmeralda is a compassionate and thoughtful humanitarian, she is a determined and collaborative leader who believes in justice, equity, respect, community and hope. She believes in the exchange of ideas in order to connect communities, for growth and most importantly for learning. In her spare time, you can find her dancing, in the gym or hanging out with love ones.