Gladys Voghlan
Co-founder K & G Agency Solutions (NJ)


Naturally enterprising, I am continually on the lookout for an opportunity to help and improve the lives of others. That’s what prompted me to start my cleaning business in 2003 and it’s also what drives me to serve the local Latino community in my latest initiative, K & G Agency Solutions, and as a business coach with Rising Tide Capital.

Always eager to expand my knowledge and business acumen so that I can be more productive and offer the highest quality services, I’m constantly gaining insights from the challenges I face, as well as through professional development. I also take great joy in volunteering my spare time to share the knowledge I’ve acquired to support my community. 

Industrious, disciplined, and striving for excellence in all my work, I set high standards for personal integrity and endeavor to maximize customer delight. To accomplish this I run a high-touch business; frequently reaching out and connecting with my clients to ensure satisfaction. This gives me the chance to proactively identify and resolve any issues with swift hands-on responsiveness. 

So if you find that you need my assistance, whether it be with residential or commercial cleaning or with business, travel, and administrative support services, I invite you to contact me. I promise to be careful and attentive in meeting your professional and personal needs.

Eager to put my expertise to work for you please feel free to connect on LinkedIn, through social media, or visit Gladys' Cleaning Service or K & G Agency Solutions to send me a text or an email.