Lizz Pagan
Owner, Playa Bowl & Lizzmonade, (NJ)


Lizz Pagan is a Latina entrepreneur who has found a way to balance it all, keeping her personal values at the core of her businesses as her key tool for success. 

Business is personal for Lizz, as she runs companies in the same values and mission that she’s grounded in. She credits her mother, a domestic abuse survivor, as the origin of her strong work ethic. Through her childhood, she learned the importance of give and take, carrying that mindset with her to see through her long-term goals instead of short-term quick fixes. Being a Latina woman, she first had to learn what it meant to be an entrepreneur as she is a first-generation business owner and being both Latina and female only added to her determination. 

In addition to her 9-5 job, Lizz was constantly looking for ways to better those around her. While she was coaching her daughter’s softball team, she was always looking for ways to get the team involved in activities beyond the field. In 2011, she started a community-run lemonade stand that provided a healthy, homemade drinks for kids to enjoy between games. Realizing the need in the market, Coach Lizz created Lizzmonade as a way to provide local markets fresh ingredients in a refreshing fruit-infused beverage that wasn’t previously accessible. 

This passion for getting involved in her local community is what lead her to a dinner meeting with Playa Bowls co-founder Abby Taylor. Lizz and Abby shared a similar vision for creating healthy food and beverage options packed with nutrients along with a personal connection for their respective businesses. The meeting was a success and Lizz’s first Playa Bowls and Lizzmonade Stand in Newark was officially open. Their partnership has continued to grow with Lizz as the managing partner for four Playa Bowls locations (Newark, Rutherford, Hoboken and the TWA Food Hall at JFK), engaging with each local community in a unique and relevant way. 

Lizz continues to impart strong values through her business and her family. Her daughter is an attorney fighting for women rights in the areas of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault and she has found a business and life partner who shares her values and passion, continuing to motivate and fuel her every day.