Priti Pandya-Patel
Global Life Enterprises (NJ)


Priti Pandya-Patel is a leader in the South Asian and Middlesex County community as well as an Ordained Minister. She is married with 2 college age children. She has been in the healthcare industry for almost 30 years as clinician, administrator, healthcare provider and business women. She is drawn to this career by her passion and commitment to helping people lead healthier lives focusing on awareness of sleep deprivation as a root cause to many medical conditions. With a license and Associates in Physical Therapy, BA in Therapeutic Recreation Administration, an MBA in Healthcare Administration, and MS in Psychology (family/marriage counseling), and currently in process of completing a post-graduate program in Applied Behavioral Analysis to become a Board-Certified Behavioral Analysist (BCBA) focusing on behavioral sleep medicine. Currently, she is working within her own NJ based companies providing healthcare and IT consulting and solutions to other companies and as well as owning and operating her own Sleep Diagnostics business for over 15 years.

She has also been very involved in the community through her efforts as a sports coach, volunteering, being a member of many non-profit organizations. Currently, Priti is the President of the Asian Indian Chamber of Commerce and has been a board member for the past 6 years. As a former Miss India NJ, she quotes “I would like to be a role model for the Indo-American young women of this generation and give them inspiration, encouragement and confidence to be the best they can be”.

A caregiver by nature and a true believer in the power of positive thinking, she continuously striving to balance her businesses, her family and her community obligationsHer mantra: “Live life to the fullest; love unconditionally; and laugh often as you can, since, life is too short, make the best of what you have today, for tomorrow may never come………………. KAL HO NA HO (you may or may not be here tomorrow)”.