Victoria Flores
Co-founder & CEO, Lux Beauty Club (NY)


Wanting her own business, in 2012 Victoria became a partner with Leslie Wilson and launched Lux Beauty Club to create a one-stop shopping community where customers could buy hair and beauty products on a regular basis.

Wilson and Flores hit on the subscription box idea, and Lux Beauty Club was born.

Today, Victoria Flores offers individual hair extensions to people with all type of budgets. This business caters to luxury hair extensions which are delivered to the door.

Over the past 5 years, the Lux Beauty Club has been booming. Victoria has created a network of customers and followers and her clients range from housewives to celebs and corporate women who simply want to look gorgeous with their hair. But most importantly, she bypassed many of the pitfalls that happen to new start ups by building a successful business. She was recently selected as one of 8 finalists at the AccessLatina accelerator program.

Victoria Flores has never forgotten her roots and she frequently gives advice to the newer generation of Latino females who want to venture into business. As a thought leader, Victoria has also authored a book, “The Menhatten Project,” a “a fun, extremely sexy and laugh-out-loud funny page-turner, featuring whip-smart women and to-die-for men,” according to Alisa Valdez own review. The book reveals a Sex in the City Bridget Jones meeting Ugly Betty, piece based on experience while working as a single female in New York.